Potato Fest

On Saturday, I decided to hop on my bike to check out a Potato Festival (Kartoffelfest) happening in a village just down the road from me. That’s the nice thing about Berlin – one week you’re at a leather fetish festival and the next, picking spuds in Dahlem-Dorf.


Even as an Irish woman, I had no idea what to expect from a Potato Festival, but Berlin’s festivals rarely disappoint and this one didn’t either.

Germans queuing for potato-y treats
Germans queuing for potato-y treats

It was a beautiful September day and families were tramping through the fields picking their own potatoes. You could then buy them by the kilo – €1.50 – bargain.

You could also roast them over a fire.

Big fire, tiny kids. German kids either have a lot of sense, or their parents have very little.
Big fire, tiny kids…what could go wrong?

I was rather tempted to do this…


but I might have looked a little out of place.

In Berlin, you don’t expect to get up close and personal with farm animals, but it seems that it’s the city that never ceases to surprise.

There was even a potato called “Linda”, which might merit a separate post.

Berlinda, meet Linda.
Berlinda, meet Linda.

But if potatoes aren’t your thing, some creative soul had you covered…






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