An Audience with Angie

Yesterday, Angela Merkel came to town. Or, rather, she came to a town near me – Lichterfelde Ost – to speak at a CDU rally. At least I think she did. My view was mainly of this:

Backs of Germans' heads. Yay.
Backs of Germans’ heads. Yay.

There was a pretty good turnout – around 1,500 people. Some were especially keen to catch Mutti’s eye.

“Greetings to you all from the Syrian refugees”

Although it was a bit pushy-shovey and I couldn’t see a thing, the atmosphere was pretty convivial. Until Merkel actually got on stage that is.

I think she's there somewhere...
I think she’s there somewhere…

A bout of booing and hissing broke out with chants of “MERKEL MUSS WEG!” (Merkel must go) booming around the square. People with little kids rushed to leave in case things turned nasty and I wasn’t far behind them.

The atmosphere turns sour
The atmosphere turns sour

Some roving reporter I am…

16 thoughts on “An Audience with Angie

  1. Ahhhh, good ol’ Merkie. Her party has been taking a hit in the polls ever since her little decision to stray from party with the fluechtlinge decision. But yeah – I would’ve headed for the hills when the atmosphere started souring, too. I’d rather spend my time in a brauhaus than a krankenhaus.

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    1. Same – my face is too pretty to be a placard-stopper 😉
      Yeah, it was pretty horrible. I mean, I’m sure she’s used to it – nobody goes into politics expecting to be universally loved! – but it was pretty unpleasant to see. I couldn’t even hear her over the din they were making.


  2. That lady with the orange hair in the middle at the back appears to have forgotten her megaphone. The two women in front look scared. We’ll have our first refugee arriving in our village in October – I’ll be interested to see to see how the locals are going to react.

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      1. France made a lot of noise about taking refugees, but the state has been so slow getting things up and running that we ended up getting in touch with a charity and doing it that way. Huge debate in France too, particularly in view of the terrorist attacks.

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