Fetish Fest

Today was the last day of “Folsom Festival”, Europe’s largest fetish event with more than 20,000 participants every year. According to the website, the only VERBOTEN thing is getting your genitals out in public – out of respect for the residents, you understand.

Fair enough.

The atmosphere was fun, friendly, colourful and, I’m sure, quite chilled after the madness of the previous few days. And, in case you’re wondering, I did manage to keep my genitals covered…


16 thoughts on “Fetish Fest

  1. Well now, that’s interesting. Yikes! All those who attended appeared to have very visual fetishes What if someone had a non-visual fetish – like finding smart women attractive?

    Anyway, you took some very smart pictures there Linda -Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink. Bwahahaha!

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