14 thoughts on “Botanischer Garten

      1. We have been to Berlin but never had time to visit the Garden though we have spent time in some of the city’s park. We did visit the Frankfurt Garden and it is also very beautiful…worth a visit to Frankfurt just to see it; especially at this time of the year to see their wonderful collection of dahlias.

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      2. Yes, it’s a little to the south of the city so probably not on most people’s agendas! Still an easy S-Bahn ride though – when it’s working 😉
        I haven’t been to Frankfurt yet but would really like to visit some day! Thanks for the recommendation!


      3. Actually, Frankfurt deserve a weekend trip. It has a charming historic centre, a beautiful botanical garden and has some very interesting modern buildings. It isn’t a place on most people’s list but I think it deserve a stop. I also went to an interesting suburb called Hochst which had kept its historical buildings. You might remember our various posts on our stay in Frankfurt published last October.

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      4. I do! Will have to check them out again if I do go 🙂 It wasn’t really on my list until my friend went there and raved about it! Now it’s firmly there 🙂


      1. I actually did take a couple of lantern pics just for you 😉 They didn’t look that great though!
        And Anna, I’m not sure – never thought I’d see the day that happened either 😉

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